Our Dance Classes: Ballet, Jazz, Tap and More!

Courthouse School of Ballet in Spotsylvania is an all-embracing dance academy seeking to accommodate people of various tastes, talents and age groups. Our dance instructors are currently qualified to offer classes in the following styles:

  • Ballet
  • Jazz 
  • Tap
  • Modern dance
  • Hip Hop
  • Acrobatics 
  • Lyrical 

Please view our schedule to learn more about the classes we offer. You can also call 804 512 - 3851 or contact us  to request more information or to register for classes.

Here is a list of available classes.  Click the "Register" button to get things started. Contact us for more information.  Fall (year -round program) classes are listed - you can "Register" on or after July 1st! 

2019-2020  Tuition Rates

Annual Fees - monthly billed installment

1 Class       $450/year - $45/month                             

2 Classes   $850/year - $85/month                                

3 Classes   $1150/year - $115/month


4 Classes   $1350/year - $135/month


5 Classes   $1500/year - $150/month


Unlimited Single Student  (6 or more classes/week)  $1650/year - $165/month



Family Packages


Family Tuition 4 classes (2 or more students taking 4 total classes)                            $1350/year - $135/month


Family Tuition 3 plus (up to 3 students taking 5 – 6 classes)                                                             $1500/year - $150/month


Family Unlimited (2 or more students taking 7 or more classes)                                                         $2000/year - $200/month


All students pay an Annual Registration Fee of $25  ($35/family) at the beginning of the year (August).


Families are also responsible for a  Spring  recital costume fee of $75 per class that is payable at the beginning of the season - no later than October 31st. 


Recital admission tickets will be available for purchase approximately 30 days prior to the showdate. Performances are typically held at the end of May - early June.  All audience members will be required to purchase an admission ticket.




Ballet & Pre-Ballet

Join Courthouse School of Ballet founder Karin Tucker  and  Ballet Instructor, Lisa Schultz for beginner, intermediate  or advanced ballet classes. Practice and improve your technique with an experienced professional dancer, teacher, seasoned rehearsal director & performance coach. 


Our little ones will enjoy a combination class of beginning ballet/creative movement and tap dance technique.  This introduction to dance is a great way to get your tiny dancer started!


The origins of tap dance can be traced to Africa and Europe and its evolution through American history via urban streets, rural town halls and mountain hollows has resulted in a kaleidoscope of movement expressing itself through sound.  Shirley Temple and Bill Bojangles Robinson, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers among others, brought the art form to the masses through film and it continues today in film, on broadway and on reality television.  Our students build a strong foundation with solid technique that can be applied to many of these styles of tap dance. 



Modern Dance

Our Modern Dance classes will guide the novice and experienced dancers in the foundations of American Modern Dance.  Come learn to move in the styles of Lester Horton, Martha Graham and  Katherine Dunham.  Build solid techinque and learn to MOVE across the floor and the stage.  Classically based dance with a modern feel and interpretation of the music.  You will discover how much joy there is in movement with our Modern Dance classes!  Open to dancers ages 11 and up with previous dance training.



Dance is a form of expression that took a turn for the abstract with the advent of jazz music. Talley Beatty and Bob Fosse revolutionized the Jazz Dance art form and their influences can be seen today on Broadway, on the concert dance stage, in film and in music videos.  Join our jazz and tap instructors to learn how it works.


Hip Hop 

The Rap/Hip Hop  genre of music has spawned several new styles of dance. The extremely popular dance themed reality television shows and dance talent contests have increased the exposure of hip-hop dance styles to global audiences.   The Courthouse School of Ballet offers weekly Hip Hop classes for children and adults.


Cartwheels, bridges, tumbling flips and tricks!  Your dancer/acrobat will learn to safely accomplish all of these fun things and more!  Flexibilty, strength and coordination will be our focus.  This is a perfect class for boys and girls with lots of energy! We offer weekly Acrobatics classes for children ages 4 and up!

Where to Find the Studio

The Courthouse School of Ballet LLC
6376 Jefferson Davis Highway Suite 212
Spotsylvania, VA 22551
Phone: 804-512-3851

Email: tucker@courthouseballet.com


Or use our contact form.

Studio News


Did you get a chance to see some of our dancers at the Spotsylvania Courthouse Village Food Truck Rodeo last year?  We had a great time and a photo of some of our dancers was featured in the Free Lance Star!


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Visitors Welcome!


Please call us if you would like to stop by for more information and a tour  or to register for classes.  




Feel free to Email us with any questions: tucker@courthouseballet.com

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